Garlic and Its Amazing Benefits


It appears garlic is not just for eating anymore! Although it has so many health benefits, it’s also used for other things as you’ll read about in a moment.

That stinky, bitter tasting, wonderful spice, herb, and vegetable can be used in a lot of ways. These suggestions were sourced from the Huffington Post and Readers Digest on-line:

  • Garlic was used during the world wars to fight gangrene
  • Can help kill bacteria that contributes to acne with its antioxidants
  • Helps cut inflammation and may help with psoriasis
  • Protects plants in your garden
  • Helps prevent and treat colds
  • Helps keep your respiratory and circulatory systems healthy
  • Can help remove a deeply embedded splinter
  • Helps cut the fungus that causes athletes foot
  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Used to banish cold sores
  • Might be helpful treating hair loss and to grow beautiful hair
  • Can be used as a natural glue
  • Helps de-ice your sidewalk
  • Can Help you catch more fish!

How does this little herb/spice/vegetable accomplish all this?

Let me say right now that I am not a medical professional, and recommend you speak with your medical team for any medical advice.

Garlic contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties that fight all kinds of health issues. If you have a pimple, simply rub raw garlic on the pimple and it will disappear overnight. It will help alleviate acne blemishes as well.

If you have heart issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease and artery hardening, garlic could be helpful with reducing all of these issues.

Adding garlic to the diet can help relieve some symptoms that accompany autoimmune diseases such as inflammation. It can also help to relieve symptoms that are present with psoriasis. Rub some garlic oil directly on the affected area for relief.

Got a splinter – cut a slice of garlic and place on the entrance point of the splinter. Secure with a bandage or piece of tape and leave on. Check next day to see if it removed the splinter or if the splinter came to the surface.

Garlic’s antibacterial properties can help cut the fungus associated with athletes foot. Soak feet in garlic water, or rub raw garlic straight on your feet.

Love the outdoors in the summer? Well, there are mosquitoes out there! You might want to apply some garlic to your skin to help protect against bites from these nasty creatures. Or simply place somewhere near where you are working/sitting to keep them away.

Are you prone to getting cold sores? Try crushing some garlic and applying to the affected area. Garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties will help it feel better by reducing the swelling associated with the sore. You could also try taking garlic supplements to help prevent them in future or to help get rid of them sooner.

Are you having hair problems? If so, maybe think about squeezing cloves of garlic on your scalp, or use oil infused with garlic and massage it into your scalp.

Got a cold coming on? Eating garlic on a regular basis will help benefit your immune system and help keep colds at bay. You could also try making a garlic tea, but steeping chopped or minced garlic in hot water for several minutes. Strain, then add a bit of honey or ginger to help with the taste.

Have a crack in your window? Maybe try using fresh garlic to help seal that crack. What? Well, when you cut up garlic did you ever notice how your fingers were really sticky? Apparently, there’s a natural glue in garlic that could help with repairing hairline cracks. Crush the cloves and rub the juice on the crack, then wipe away any excess. I’ve got to try this one!

OK, now I know some of you use salt to de-ice your sidewalks in the icy part of the winter. Well, you could try using up some of that old garlic salt sitting in your cupboard. I know there isn’t a lot of it there, but it could help prevent slipping on that icy sidewalk if you don’t have any salt available!

Garden pests don’t like garlic, so use garlic, mineral oil, water, and liquid soap to make a natural pesticide. Pour into a spray bottle and mist your plants to keep critters away.

Who would have thought that garlic could be used to help you catch fish? Well apparently, fish are attracted to the scent of garlic, and some bait has the smell built into it. Alternatively, you could make your own bait with plenty of cloves of garlic. That should do the trick.

I hope you learned something new about the benefits of garlic and may be able to use some of these suggestions.

Let me know if you do, I’d love to hear all about it.

Have a wonderful day and week ahead.