Homemade Hand Scrub

I’ve become somewhat of a homemade product snob of late, simply because when you make things yourself, you know exactly what is going into your product.

It’s been some time since I made a Homemade Hand Scrub, and found this one just recently that I thought I would like to share, using Dawn dish soap, sugar, lavender essential oil and vitamin E.

I just love mini-spas, and this recipe helps to provide a cost-effective solution to expensive store bought products. Not only that, but it cuts down on toxins in your home when you make your own homemade versions of personal care products.

This particular recipe was inspired by Jennifer at I Save A to Z

Well, it was so easy to make, I thought perhaps I should share this one with you now. It’s getting pretty close to the season most people like to do something special for their friends and family, or just for yourself.

I hope you enjoy making and sharing this as much as I do.


Homemade Hand Scrub

You will just love using this to make your hands soft and smooth.

Course Personal Care
Prep Time 5 minutes


  • 2 Cup sugar
  • 1/2 Cup Dawn dish soap
  • 10 Drops Essential Oil(s) (optional)
  • Vitamin E capsule (optional)


  1. Place sugar in a bowl.

  2. Add dish soap 2 Tbsp at a time until the mixtures resembles the consistency of peanut butter (using more or less dish soap as needed)

  3. Add essential oil of choice and contents of a vitamin E capsule.

  4. When ready to use, place a small amount in your hand. Massage the scrub (not too hard) to loosen the dry skin. Then wash thoroughly under tap water.

  5. Dry your hands completely and add a hand lotion if you desire.

Recipe Notes

You could use brown sugar in this recipe instead of regular granulated sugar. Or, use a blend of the two.

If using Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay, do not add the vitamin E. There are many varieties of Dawn, choose one you like best and use it. I've used the Dawn Platinum (had it on hand).

Essential Oil suggestions: Lavender, Rosehip, Geranium, Orange Blossom

Try the following Hand Lotion from Adrienne at Whole New Mom to complete your mini-spa.

If you need small containers try these.