Collagen/Gelatin Tea

Gelatin gel and Collagen Tea

Well, why would you add either collagen or gelatin to your tea. The many benefits of using either of these supplements is so important to your health that I’ve been adding them to my teas during the day/evening.

This is not so much a recipe, as a how to for both gelatin and collagen.

If I’m using gelatin, I will make a blend of 1/4 cup of cool water and mix in 2 tsp. of gelatin until well blended. Leave this on your “counter” overnight so it gels naturally without refrigeration. In the morning, when I make my Dandelion Root Latte, I add the gelatin to the blender jar, along with the carob, ginger, mace, and clove blend, a half tsp. of turmeric paste, 1 tbsp. of coconut oil (see original recipe here) and the prepared tea. Blend for 15-20 seconds and voila, you have your tea. There is NO gelatin taste and it blends in very nicely adding a really nice fluffy topping to the tea. Can’t go without this one.

If I’m using collagen, I make it just about the same as with the gelatin, but do not mix it with water, just add it to the tea – tea can be any type of tea you like (preferably decaffeinated). The foam on top will be less than the gelatin version, but it will still be there. I usually do this at night, just before bedtime. It helps induce a more restful sleep. We’ve both been doing this at night for the past few weeks, and has proven to be very beneficial.

Collagen can be added to water, juice, soup, stew, gravy, sauces, smoothies, tea/coffee, muffins, cake, pancakes, etc. – just about anything you drink or eat. It adds a protein punch to anything you want it for and helps your entire body at the same time. Nice thing is there is NO taste.

Gelatin, as you know, adds a “jello” texture to most things you make. I use gelatin when I make my coconut yogurt to give it a more gelled body. If you make your own Jello, you’ll be getting far more benefits than buying the junk at the grocery store that is so full of chemicals and sugar.