Game Day Recipes 2019

Well, it’s officially Super Bowl weekend 2019, and instead of publishing a regular blog post, I thought I would provide links to some recipes you could use, even if you don’t watch the big game!

So to start, here’s one you can use anytime at all. It’s a recipe to make Vegetable Bouillon Powder. Just mix together the ingredients, and store in an airtight container. You can find this one at Gluten Free on a Shoe String.

If you like Guacamole then you might just like this one. It’s a little different from your regular guac in that there are a couple of ingredients that I wouldn’t have thought to put in it! Try this one for a little change up on your guac. It’s called Supah Guac from Wendis AIP Kitchen.

Just love those wings for a great dish to have while watching the game. Chicken wings are a fan favorite and it’s just fitting to have a recipe for them too. How about these Glazed Chicken Wings from Meatified?

You all know about stuffed potato skins – well this one uses Sweet Potatoes instead of the nightshade white baking potato. Try this one next time you want to have those skins or this weekend for sure. This recipe is from A Squirrel in the Kitchen – Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins.

There’s a brand new recipe for us that my hubby tried and I made for some friends last week that I think they all liked and am sure you would as well. It’s a Keto recipe for pizza that is so easy to make. Just for those who are strict AIP, this one is not for you! But I know there are so many others out there that read my blog who are not AIP or even Paleo who might just like this one. It’s called Fat Head Pizza and comes to us from Wholesome Yum.

Of course you will want to have something to drink and I just came across some Mocktails that would suit the occasion perfectly. No for those of you who can still “drink”, you will probably go for the beer or regular drinks that you most usually have. For us on AIP/Paleo, alcohol is not permitted, but if you have done any reintro’s you might like to splurge. These Mocktails come to us from Paleo On The Go and I hope you enjoy them.

Wendi’s AIP Kitchen has a recipe for AIP Gingerbread cookies with frosting – that could be your dessert on Sunday evening! These use Cassava flour and are an AIP recipe.

If you will be watching the game, I’m sure you will have a great time, especially if you are sharing with others. Have a great time.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and week to come.