Homemade General Purpose Cleaner

This really is a simple way to make a general purpose cleaner and I just love it. I found the original recipe on-line at snapguard.com and made it right away to see how well it worked out.

It works on all kinds of surfaces (but do not use on granite counter tops as it might cause pitting), including inside your oven.

Just 2 simple ingredients.

Homemade General Purpose Cleaner

Extra equipment: Mason jar, Spray bottle
Course Cleaning


  • 2 Peels Citrus fruit oranges, lemons, grapefruit or a mix of these
  • Vinegar Enough to cover the orange peels


  1. Place peels from at least 2 citrus fruits in a medium size mason jar. Can be either the same fruit or a mixture of citrus peels.
  2. Pour vinegar over the peels to cover. Place the lid on the jar and leave for about 5 days. You can shake carefully a couple of times over this period of time.
  3. Once the 5 days is up, place the liquid in a spray bottle and use as required.

Recipe Notes

If using in your oven, sprinkle baking soda (Amazon.ca or Amazon.com) over the spots that need cleaning. Then spray liberally with the citrus vinegar solution. Leave sit about 20 minutes then remove with a sponge. There shouldn't be much scrubbing necessary as this will remove the grime very easily.

Happy cleaning.

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