Travelling While Healing

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Travelling while you are healing from anything is difficult, but when you have special dietary restrictions, it’s even more difficult.

I really believe it would be easier to take a cruise than a road trip!

Over the years, we have done a lot of travelling and are just realizing how difficult it is now that I have to watch what I eat very closely.

We went away for a few days to our kids recently and while there I ate pretty much what I wanted of chicken and fruit and vegetables. I guess it was the wrong thing for me because I suffered for 5 days straight once I got home. So my thoughts on travelling while you are healing are this.

Make sure you know how long you will be gone. Try to ensure you have all the foods with you that you need, including what you will drink, any supplements needed, fruit, vegetables, meat and, of course, any snacks. Not to forget taking along any medications/supplements you take daily.

Plan your meals ahead of time and make everything you are able to so that you can just reach and eat. Make certain you have refrigeration facilities wherever you are going. If you don’t, then have lots of ice packs, or ice to keep everything cold that needs to be kept cold. Fruit doesn’t necessarily need to be kept cold, so when shopping, chose fruits that are portable – apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, grapes – you get the idea.

Prepare foods that you will be eating so that you don’t have to carry raw meats/vegetables with you. Cook them the way you choose, but ensure they are going to be kept cold while you travel.

If you like stews, you could probably store some in a thermos while you are on the road (as long as it’s not a seriously long road trip). Otherwise, place in a container that will store nicely in your cooler or fridge once you are at your destination.

Snacks are great for travelling. Make sure you have the type of snack that is compliant to your dietary needs – jerky, vegetable chips, raw fruit, nuts and seeds (if tolerated).

I love my smoothies. So it’s important to ensure there is a portable blender/hand blender with you, with a blender cup. And to be sure you take all the ingredients you need, including any protein powder, collagen powder, chia seeds, hemp hearts, etc. you will need for your smoothie. Also, remember that if you use nut or coconut milk that you are able to store it refrigerated once opened. Fruits might be a bit of an issue, especially if you like them frozen. You may have to resort to just cold fruit instead. If you like yogurt in your smoothies, you will have to make sure you can also refrigerate that as well.

Moving van anyone!

Vacation TravelResort

If you are travelling to a resort destination, you might want to check with their dining people to see if there is any way you would be able to obtain your meals through their kitchen. Making sure to ask if they carry all the things you would need for your time there. You might also like to ask if there is any way you could store important dietary items either in your room or their kitchen.

World Travel

When travelling by air there are a lot of restrictions to consider. Liquids are not well received in airports, so be prepared to possibly have to relinquish you fluids, unless you pack them in your suitcase. Only put items in your carry-on bag that you know will be allowed. Check out the airline’s web-site to see what their restrictions are. Snacks are usually OK.

Cruise Buffet Cruise buffet2 Cruise buffet3

For me, I think cruising would be the best travel alternative. You are basically on a floating city. The buffet is my kingdom as I can pick and choose from items there that are pretty much AIP compliant and if they aren’t, I can always ask the staff for help. Most cruise lines now have Gluten Free alternatives for their travelers, making life much easier for a lot of people. They even have separate toasters for their gluten free breads. And drinks can be whatever you need. I only drink soda water, so it’s pretty safe most times.