Homemade Car Window and Lock De-Icer Solution

Recipe courtesy of Jessica Kielman at eHow.com

I know winter is almost over, but you can still get those days when you get a lot of icy weather.

This solution should help you though, and I hope you will make some up to keep by your door,  so that when the occasion arises, you’ll have some ready to go.

So why am I posting this now? Well, when I received this in my email, I thought of the time when my hubby and I were up in the cold north during the winter. My father had passed away (2007) and we had to go out to do something. We were driving my dad’s car because we flew home. The weather turned nasty and we had an ice storm.

When we went to go out, my hubby couldn’t get the car door open due to the ice (we didn’t have this recipe then). Well, he went to open the door and the handle wouldn’t budge! Didn’t he break his finger trying to get the door open!

So, let’s not have you do the same. Make some of this up to keep handy for winter days just like that one!

Homemade Car Window and Lock De-Icer Solution

Cleaning ice off of your car's windshield and windows can be a daunting task, and sometimes you may not have a scraper handy or time to let your car windows defrost on their own. With just a couple of household ingredients you can make your own car window and lock de-icer solution. Keep it on hand during the winter months for moments when time is of the essence and waiting for your car to warm up is not an option.

Author Jessica Kielman at eHow.com


  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Cup Isopropyl alcohol
  • 1 Spray bottle


  1. Mix together the water and Isopropyl alcohol in the spray bottle

  2. Spray your car's icy windshield with the de-icer.

  3. Let the de-icer work for a couple of minutes.

  4. The ice will start to melt quickly. Once the ice starts to melt, turn on your windshield wipers to help it along. The de-icing should only take a few minutes, depending on how thick the ice on your car's windshield is.

  5. Now, onto the locks! Just spray the de-icing solution on your car locks and watch the ice melt away in seconds!